What is the Mike Langley Foundation?

The Mike Langley Foundation is a charitable trust that aims to help those with a dream to become a commercial airline pilot, those with the passion to succeed but without the financial means. Through funding initiatives and scholarships, we aim to widen access to the aviation profession.

The Foundation was launched by Kura Aviation, the industry’s first Community Interest Company, of which Mike was a consultant and Chair of the Advisory Board.

Mike’s dream was to fly, and he achieved it. His ambition was to provide the very best flight training to pilots and airlines across the globe, and he succeeded. He was determined to make to make a difference and through experience and wisdom, he certainly did that. The extraordinary level of respect he gained in doing has resulted in the aviation industry coming together and creating The Mike Langley Foundation.

Mike’s view was that it was never too late to make a difference. So true to those words, let us work together and create a new chapter in aviation training.


Sophie Langley
Captain Ian Baston
Captain John Monks
SFO Aaron Reville
Isobel Hall


SFO Jonathan Whittaker, A380 British Airways

Launch of the Foundation

The Mike Langley Foundation was launched on the 29th November 2016, by Captain Ian Baston of Flybe. Over 200 aspiring pilots, current pilots, industry colleagues and airline representatives came together to recognize Mike’s phenomenal achievements in the industry in an Evening of Celebration. Against all odds and showing the determination that he had become so respected for, Mike was able to attend himself, ensuring an evening of many tears and much joy.

We are delighted to have raised a total of £8,858.36 through our fund raising efforts to date. In addition we received a further £25,000 of training sponsorships

The successful launch of The Mike Langley Foundation was made possible through the generosity and support from the individuals and organisations. On behalf of the Trustees and Mike’s family, we extend a huge thank you to everyone involved.

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Friends of the Foundation

Sincere thanks to those organisations and individuals who generously donated sponsorships, monetary donations and auction items.

Aeros Aviation Training
Air Tanker
Airplan Flight Equipment (AFE)
Airways Aviation
Avon Spice
Babcock International
Bruce Burman
Courtesy Crecy Publishing
CTC Aviation
Dezeen Watch Store

Flight Training News and Vintage Flying
Kings Head Inn at Bledington
Kura Aviation
Nicole Shelton
RAF Brize Norton
Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)
Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA)
Ultimate High
Victoria Spa B&B
Virgin Atlantic
Virtual Aerospace

The Mike Langley Foundation receives charitable status

Set up as a trust that aims to help those who dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot but without the financial means, The Mike Langley Foundation has been granted charity status. Through funding initiatives and scholarships, the foundation aims to widen access to the aviation profession to help those with the passion to succeed to do so.

The charity has, to date, raised £8,858 through fund raising and has received a further £25,000 of pilot training sponsorship. This money can support individuals across any of the licences required; from the initial Private Pilot Licence (PPL) to the more advanced Multi-Crew Co-operation Course (MCC). The foundation can provide the necessary guidance on licences and sponsorship requirements by contact directly through the website, or by telephone on +44 (0) 1789 298 582.

Mr Langley sadly passed away following a short battle with terminal cancer in 2017. The foundation represents and honours his determination to make a difference in the airline industry through experience and wisdom.